David E Butler

Exhibitions curated, designed, constructed and installed:

  • Hereford Cathedral (2017)
  • Newport Cathedral (2016)
  • Truro Cathedral (2014)
  • The Mint Exeter (2013)
  • St Margaret’s Church Westminster Abbey (2013)
  • Othona Community Dorset (2012)
  • Canterbury Cathedral (2010)
  • Exeter Cathedral (2007)

Katharine Hall’s Except a Seed Fall
Hereford Cathedral (2017)



Setting up Katharine Hall’s See the Bright Field…
Newport Cathedral (2016).


 Design and Build – Katharine Hall’s Soul Song Exhibition
The Mint Exeter (2013)




Design and Build Edward Robinson’s Forms of Silence
St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey (2013)

The Scale Model


Building the installation


The installation in situ



Setting up Edward Robinson’s Forms of Silence Exhibition
Othona Community, Dorset (2012)



Images from Edward Robinson’s Forms of Silence
Exeter Cathedral (2007)